Dirt Bike Coaching - Say No to Slow w. Chris Birch

Dirt Bike Coaching - Say No to Slow w. Chris Birch

This eighteen-episode coaching series is designed to take dirt bike riders through the core skills such as correct riding position, bike set up, cornering, hills, line selection, plus all the way through to obstacle crossings, jumps, wheelies and hard enduro techniques.

Each lesson is set in a way that allows you to see in detail the techniques broken down visually as well as described verbally by Chris. You will not only be told what to do, but why, when and how.

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Dirt Bike Coaching - Say No to Slow w. Chris Birch

18 Videos

  • EP1 - Introduction

  • EP2 - Bike Set-Up

    How to optimize your basic bike set up for different conditions and to allow for good body positioning. This is a key first step.

  • EP3 - Suspension Set-Up

    A good suspension setup makes you a safer, more efficient and a faster rider. This discussion with Scott Brooker from MotoSR runs through basic suspension setup tips and common mistakes people make with their suspension setup.

  • EP4 - Body Position

    Adopting a strong, balanced, relaxed seated and standing body position is the fundamentals that all the other techniques are built upon. This is definitely an episode to watch more than once.

  • EP5 - Seated Cornering

    We run through the techniques for flat corners where you are searching for traction and supported corners like ruts and berms. Learning the correct techniques for seated cornering and the differences in the techniques.

  • EP6 - Standing Cornering

    Standing cornering techniques that will give your more traction and control in the corners. Those techniques cross over to all situations where you are searching for traction and balance.

  • EP7 - Rear Brake Control

    Getting really dialed into your rear brake is important for stability and control. The skills and drills learned here are crucial especially if you started out riding a sports bike.

  • EP8 - Obstacle Fundamentals

    Getting these basics of obstacle crossings dialed will make your log/rock hopping etc a lot easier and make learning the techniques in episode 9 easier and safer. This is the homework you need to do before launching into the log hopping.

  • EP9 - Obstacle Crossing

    Logs, rocks, banks whatever the obstacle. You will learn the slap, the single blip, the double blip, and the splat or lifter techniques that will help you deal with different obstacles you come across on the trail.

  • EP10 - Using Momentum

    Here you will learn how to use momentum to conquer the slippery tree roots, those of camber trails, and how to make it easier for your bike to hold traction and track straight.

  • EP11 - Hill Climbs

    Who doesn't like hill climbs? You will learn three different body positions for the hill climbs that will give you more efficiency and more traction. You will learn about how to attack the hills and how to shut it down safely if things go wrong.

  • EP12 - Downhills

    What goes up must come down. In this episode, you will learn how to deal with the steep downhills safely and quickly. Brake use, body position, and line selection are all covered.

  • EP13 - Pivot Turns

    Hard enduro must haves. We run through the basic wheel hops to move the front wheel around. The 180 pivots to turn around in tight spaces and the hill side pivots that let you work your way up hillsides when things get steep.

  • EP14 - Jumping

    How to jump safely and how to land safely. How to maximize your air time and how to keep it to a minimum. Learn the skills then impress your friends.

  • EP15 - Rutts

    In this episode, we cover the techniques for both straight ruts and corner ruts. Learning the skills that will make you learn to love the ruts.

  • EP16 - Line Selection

    Good line selection is hugely important to becoming a faster, more efficient and safer rider. We take you through the process to learn how to instinctively take the good lines.

  • EP17 - Mud Riding

    How to adapt your techniques and riding style when things get wet and slippery.

  • EP18 - Wheelies

    Three different ways to wheelie a dirt bike. Learn how to control seated, standing, and slow wheelies.