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Watch EP8 - Obstacle Fundamentals

Watch EP8 - Obstacle Fundamentals

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  • EP9 - Obstacle Crossing

    Logs, rocks, banks whatever the obstacle. You will learn the slap, the single blip, the double blip, and the splat or lifter techniques that will help you deal with different obstacles you come across on the trail.

  • EP10 - Using Momentum

    Here you will learn how to use momentum to conquer the slippery tree roots, those of camber trails, and how to make it easier for your bike to hold traction and track straight.

  • EP11 - Hill Climbs

    Who doesn't like hill climbs? You will learn three different body positions for the hill climbs that will give you more efficiency and more traction. You will learn about how to attack the hills and how to shut it down safely if things go wrong.